Rider's Reviews

Back roads of Ben Tre- Tra Vinh - Can Tho

Excellent trip, The guide was great with our children, keeping them motivated and interested. We met local people, tried many tropical fruits, learned about local culture, farming, etc... It was very hot but the guide and driver were accommodating with water stop and when we decided to drive on A/C van in stead of cycle. Our only thing is that we never managed to eat all the food we were served at lunch and dinner. Perhap it would be better to have a child rate (lower rate) and provide less food at meals. We fell we wasted a lot of food. The trip was really fun and interesting. We learned about ride and coconut factories and more... Loc was great guide that stopped at places to show us fruits or people. When we did not have water, he would stop to more. The driver was nice and good. The routes were amazing. 13 - 14 - 15 April, 2015

Jean-Michel Lemieux family of 4 from Canada

We had a fabulous time and really appreciate the effort that was made to adjust our itinerary, as we were delayed 12hrs due to the volcano eruption in Bali. I have done a TripAdvisor comment and would recommend you to friends Thank you Belinda Walker July 4 - 5 - 6, 2015

Belinda Walker party of 8 from Australia

It would be good to advise customer to bring a padded cycling short (and maybe even gloves) We every happy with the high-quality bikes. Big fans of the local food and dishers. We were able to sample thanks to the expert advice of our guide Mr Dat. He really made the difference. 15 - 16 - 17 Dec, 2017

Thomas family from Australia

Cycling Mekong Delta homestay in CaiBe

For those of you guilty of being AP1 and AP2 Campus teachers, I will hopefully secrete all of my photographs temporarily on the M-drive, where you can then revisit a fuller pictorial montage of our weekend jaunt. So a link to these photographs will soon be pedaling your way in a school email. Thank you again for helping to create a deeply memorable and laughter-filled weekend. Thank you again for helping to create a deeply memorable and laughter-filled weekend. May all of the bumps on your future road be small ones, with safe and steady travelling for the half term holiday. 30 Oct 2011

The British International School in HCM, Vietnam

We had a great time on our Delta ride and we all enjoyed the experience. The accommodation was great and we all learnt a lot from the valuable experience of your guide, Mr Loc. We are all keen to start to planning our next trip out of HCMC. Thanks for your organisation Cheers Jayne, Noel and friends. 02 Nov 2011

Jayne Anderson from Saigon Riverside School

We are now back in England. We thoroughly enjoyed our 2 day adventure and want to thank you for organizing. It really was the highlight of most of my family’s holiday. We felt very looked after and would like to commend our driver and guides. My family especially enjoyed Harry’s company and his commitment to making sure we were safe and having a very good time. We had no areas of complaint as everything was so good – bikes, itinerary, guides etc. The only tiny thing we would have changed is that we would have eaten lunch on day 2 in a local Mekong Delta restaurant to sample their food and hospitality however that would have been our personal choice and the lunch we had was very adequate Again, thanks to you, we would certainly recommend your services and use you again if we have the opportunity. 14 - 15 July 2013

Wayne party of 5 from UK

It was such a great experience to travel the Mekong Delta with our guide Nghi! We will never forget the trip, it was amazing. Send special thanks to Nghi again! 25 - 26 Mar 2013

Marcel Solar party from Canada

Thanks again for leading us on yet another marvelous trip cycling in the Mekong. Our relatives from the Bahamas absolutely loved it. They felt it was the highlight of their trip to Vietnam and Thailand, bringing them closer to people and culture than any other experience. Thailand is called the Land of Smiles, but for them, Vietnam won the comparison. They'll never forget the calls of "hello!" from children along the roadside, and the families who showed us their farms and homes. As well, the food at all the places you brought us was excellent. Superior to the up-scale Mekong Lodge, with its cooking classes, which we chose in place of your recommendations. Your support team was always there when we needed it, and there were some hot and tired moments when some needed a ride in the bus. It's really great the way you accommodate riders of such different abilities in the same trip. I need to pick a weekend for a trip in the Fall when we get back to school. I'll see who's interested and email you to set a date. I expect quite a few of the teaching staff will want to come. Thanks again! It's always great to ride the Vietnam Backroads with you. 29 - 30 April 2012

William Schlei from Saigon British International School

We had a fantastic time in the Mekong Delta. Van and Loc were both great tour guides and the flexibility of the tour meant that it catered for the needs of the children really well. From start to finish we felt well cared for and could trust that we were in good hands. The hotel pick up was smooth, the drive to the Mekong was comfortable and fun. Lock provided a great commentary as we drove along giving us information about the city, people, culture and what we could expect from the tour. When we arrived to meet Van and pick up the bikes we were amazed a how organised you all were with the bikes labeled for each person. The safety information was clear and we were soon on our way. It was fantastic to head down a tiny lane way and explore the back roads of the area. We would never dare to venture into such unknown and strange places. Soon we were looking into the lives of the locals as we passed by people's homes and farms. We loved stopping for fruit at the road side stalls and tasting food we'd not trust ourselves to buy without a guide. The lunch venue was superb with much more food than we could eat. We enjoyed the afternoon ride and getting onto the really tiny streets and lanes. The river crossings made the whole experience quite an adventure. Our accommodation was great and an opportunity to make spring roles with the host was fun. We enjoyed the evening sitting outside but found the beds a bit too hard for our comfort. Breakfast was good with options providing something for different tastes. The visit to the sweet shop was an interesting experience for the children and we enjoyed tasting different treats. It was good to get back on the bikes again and continue our ride. When the youngest became tired a motor bike ride was a welcome relief. Van and Lock did not seem to find it any trouble to help out when needed and adjust the trip to meet the changing needs of the children. We also enjoyed the conversations we had as we rode along with both Van and Lock who were most informative and interesting to talk with. Some of us would have enjoyed being able to ride further, but needed to cater for other who got tired and were affected by the heat. The only real challenge on the journey was the heat. It meant we needed plenty of stops for drinks and it was challenging riding in the hot sun. The only solution to that issue would be to come again in the cooler months to do another bike tour and discover more of the Vietnam Backroads. Thanks again for a wonderful experience we'd be glad to recommend your tour to others Joan PS I believe you've recently been married - congratulation!

Joan Wright Howie party of 9 from Australia

Really enjoyed the bicycle tour. Was nice riding through all the villages. The homestay we stayed at was lovely. Tour guide was attentive and knowledgeable All in all an excellent tour! Thank you! December 11th, 2013

Jamie & Shawn McDonough from Australia

We had an excellent two days cycling. Dat was very informative & helpful. The distance we traveled were perfect- not too little + not too long. We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to see so much of the Vietnamese countryside on this trip. On a bike we could appreciate so much more detail the sounds +the smell etc. Overall this was a fantastic trip. 03 Sep, 2014

Jay Chapman from New Zealand

We did a 2 day cycling tour of back roads in the Mekong. Our guide, Nghi, was incredibly friendly and helpful. He tailored the tour to what we wanted to see and do, and also how far we wanted to ride. Riding along tiny back roads really got us in touch with local life in the Mekong the routes we took were interesting and diverse, and we got to see local farms, schools and villages. The food was excellent! We loved eating at little local places that the locals also ate at. The bikes were great and our driver was also really helpful and ready to pick us up and whisk us off to the next destination. The homestay where we stayed overnight was also very peaceful and relaxing. I couldn't recommend this trip more. Thank you for providing such and excellent service, and being so helpful with the booking process. Kind regards. Rose Chesworth, PhD Candidate Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Cnr Genetics Ln & Royal Pde. 2016 Rose party from Australia

Rose party from Australia

We enjoyed the tour very much and we enjoyed riding a lot. As we were only a group of friends, the trip was very flexible. It would have been cheaper with more participants. Dat knew a lot to tell, This was great! We have an excellent dinner!! We love all the fruits!. A little disappointed about the floating market. I expected there would be much more boats selling their staff. Good mix between cycling and showing things, like rice fabric etc. It was very nice. Excellent guide with a lot of knowledge about the country. It was nice to eat places where the locals go for their lunches well. Really good food! 1-2 Jan, 2015

MichËle Hess party from Switzerland

Cycling to Rach Gia - Boat to Phu Quoc

We went on cycling tour in Mekong Delta by Vietnam Backroads. Van tailored-made a 4 days trip, from Saigon to Phu Quoc Island. Then we had an another week on beaches in Phu Quoc. We loved biking on the trails of the Mekong Delta and really enjoyed our trip very much. Thanks Van. 24 April 2010 Peter & Malin from Sweden Cycling 2D/1N to Cai Be home-stay Thang and Loi was fantastic and it was wonderful to see so much of the rural area that we never would have been able to see on our own. Thang was knowledgeable and kind and funny and answered all of our questions, and he took extra time to show us more based on our interests. I would love to come back and do it again. A thoroughly enjoyable tour. Thang were an excellent guide. Very friendly, informative and helpful. Loi, our driver was an excellent. One suggestion- A local map showing the town and village on the tour would help. The home-stay was beautiful. We were looked after very well. I highly recommend this tour. 26-27 Dec 2014

Sarah Kolb Williams family from United State

The cycle tour my girlfriend and I went on was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip to Vietnam. We had 4 amazing days and got to see. There are many beautiful places and to meet so many of the wonderful People in and around their homes. Van was a wonderful host and knows the paths of the delta like no one else, which means you're immediately off the beaten track and in amongst the locals. 04 April 2010

Richard and Karen from London

We would like to thank you for a great trip. When we think about our holiday in Vietnam, the cycling trip through the Mekong Delta was one of the best memories! Route was very good and very nice landscapes. The small boats crossing the canals, and small bridges, were very good. Again, thank you for a very nice trip. We felt very comfortable and safe on the entire trip. 17 April 2011

Dejan and Mie from Denmark

We are in Cambodia for the next 5 days and then our adventure in SE Asia is over. We thoroughly enjoyed our cycling part of the trip with Backroads. We were delighted to get off the busy roads and away from the motorcycles and horns and pollution. The paths we biked were so interesting. The village people and farmers were exceptionally friendly calling out "hello" at every opportunity. The experience totally changed my opinion of the wonderful Vietnamese people. Our guide, Bobby, was exceptional. He worked hard at explaining the sights and answering all our questions. He had a great sense of humour. Our driver was great as well. Although he did not speak English he was always courteous and ready to help. We enjoyed our hotels on the the second and third night. The hotel Cuu Long (I think that was the name) on the first night was very rundown. It was clean but very tired. The meals Bobby set up for us were great. He worked hard to give us a feel for the real Vietnam. The only part that we would improve upon is a little more cycling, especially on the third day. Bobby explained that there were no back roads to take and he was quite right that the main road would not be fun to cycle. We are avid cyclists and would have prefered to cycle closer to 60 Km a day rather than ride in the van. We will certainly recommend Backroads on Trip Advisor when we return to Canada. Thank you for all your assistance, especially to Van the Man for retrieving our passports and sending them on the bus to Can Tho. We offered to pay Bobby for that service but he refused. It was much appreciated. Sincerely. 12 April 2012

Lynda & Rick from Canada

Thank you very much for your email. We enjoyed our trip with Vietnam Backroads very much. Thai was an excellent tour guide who provided us with a lot of practical information and interesting facts on living in Vietnam and in the Mekong-Delta. He was very friendly and took really care of us. Our driver was also very friendly and helpful. The restaurants and cafes on our trip were good. We enjoyed the local food and the local culture very much. There are only two small points of criticism: The hotel we stayed during the first night, in Tra Vinh, was unfortunately in a quite run down state. The walls in our room where wet and the bathroom was really not comfortable. Maybe you want to reschedule the trips a little in order to get a better hotel. Finally, I wanted to point out that our tour was advertised as a 4-day trip, however, we were dropped off at the hotel already at Saturday afternoon around 2.30 pm with nothing to do but wait until our speedboat went off the next morning. This was a bit a waste of time since we didn't know what places of interest there are in Rach Gia. So maybe you should either plan a longer biking on the last day or set up some alternative program such as sightseeing. Please understand these critics in constructive way. Overall, we are very happy to have chosen Vietnam Backroads and can fully recommend you to other people. Thank you very much. with best regards, 13 April 2012

Florian family from Germany

I took my 13 year old daughter on the trip, and she is not confident cyclist. Van took wonderful care of her, and after the first hour, I was not worried at all. The guides could not have been kinder or more helpful, answering our questions and telling us about the history and culture of Vietnam. It was a fantastic experience. 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 Feb 2012

Robin Gronoer from US

Hello Ms Hue I hope you are keeping well. Sadly, I am backing home now after my wonderful holiday in Vietnam. My wife and I very much enjoyed the Vietnam Backroads bicycle tour in the Mekong Delta - in fact it was the highlight of our time in Vietnam. Everything was very well organized and our guide took us to parts of the country that we would never have seen otherwise. To have a chance to get so close to people in the villages and those farming the rice fields was an unforgettable experience, as was the beautiful scenery that we got to enjoy. Our support vehicle and excellent driver were always on hand with drinks and cold towels, which were very welcome after a hot day in the saddle! I would highly recommend Vietnam Backroads to others. Thanks for everything and all the best for the future. 24 - 25 -26 - 27 Mar 2013

I would highly recommend Vietnam Backroads to others