Responsible Travel

FTO Responsible Tourism Committee Statement of Commitment 

1. Commitment to sustainable development and management of Tourism
1.1.  We  commit  to  work  towards  developing,  operating  and  marketing  tourism  in  a  sustainablemanner;  ie.  tourism  which  makes  a  positive  contribution  to  the  natural  and  culturalenvironment, which generate benefits for the host communities, and which do not put at risk the future livelihood of local people.
1.2. As Tour Operators we believe that we can be important contributors to Sustainable TourismDevelopment. We will strive to anticipate and prevent economic, environmental, social andcultural  degradation.  We  will  work  towards  integrating  these  considerations  into  our  operations and activities.

2.  Principles  of  sustainable development and management of tourism
2.1.  We  recognise  that  tourism  can  contribute  to  the  viability  of  local  economies,  and  that  tourism can have negative impacts on the economy, environment, nature, social structures and  local  cultures.  In  the  long-term  interest  of  host  communities  and  our  industry,  we  will  endeavour to prevent or minimise these impacts.
2.2.  We  are  committed  to  complying  with  local,  national  and  international  laws  and  regulationsapplicable to our business activities.
2.3. We oppose and actively discourage illegal, abusive or exploitative forms of tourism. In  particular,  we  support  the  work  of  ECPAT  (Elimination  of  Child  Prostitution  and  Trafficking)  and  will  endeavour  to  work  with  them  in  developing  guidelines  for  Tour  Operators and their customers
2.4.  We  are  committed  to  a  continual  attempt  to  improve  our  performance  in  the  context  ofsustainable development and management of tourism.
2.5. We will manage and monitor the environmental, cultural and social impacts of our activities. In  particular,  we will  endeavour  to  adopt,  asappropriate,  the  steps  andproceduresof  the  FTO  Integrated  Responsible Tourism  Programme  (IRTP),  and  agree  to  supply  such  documentation,  as  may  be  required  by  the  FTO,  toverify that we have successfully completed the necessary steps.
2.6.  We  will  strive  to  pursue  best  practice  in  all  our  activities  -  internally  and  when  forming  business relationships with partners, suppliers and sub-contractors. We endeavour to make responsible use of natural resources (e.g. land, soil, energy, water)Federation of Tour Operators Jan 20041 Federation of Tour Operators Jan 20042                            
- We are committed to reducing, minimizing and preventing pollution and waste (e.g. solid and liquid waste, emissions to air) 2.6.3. We are committed to conserving plants, animals, ecosystems and protected areas (biodiversity)
- We are committed to conservinglandscapes, cultural and natural heritage, respecting the integrity of local cultures and avoidingnegative effects on social structures
-  We are committed to involving, and co-operating with, local communities and people  
-  We are committed to using local products and skills wherever practicable.
2.7. We will encourage our partners, suppliers and sub-contractors to improve their contributionto sustainable development and management of tourism, and will work with them and shareinformation to assist in this.
2.8. We will seek greater co-operation within the tourism industry and between this industry and the public sector in order to further Sustainable Tourism.  In  particular,  we  commit  to  supportingthe  Travel  Foundation  by  joining  the  TravelFoundation Forum  
2.9.  We  shall  encourage  and  seek  to  co-operate  with  national  and  local  authorities,  local  communities,  or  any  other  interested  party,  to  develop  and  implement  the  integratedplanning andmanagement of destinations inorder to preserve the quality and sustainability of these destinations.  
2.10. Within twelve calendar months of signing this commitment, we will develop these principles into a corporate policy. As part of this we will define measurable goals, and will monitor and report publicly on our progress.

3. Public awareness and communication
3.1.  We  will  endeavour  inour  public  communication  and  advertising  to  promote  behaviour  and  activities  compatible  withthe  principlesof  sustainable  development  and  management  oftourism