How flexible cycling distance?

Mr. Van and his team are passionate about cycling adventures. They have explored almost all parts of Vietnam, in the North region, central provinces, and southern Vietnam, including the Mekong Delta region. We used dirt-track motorcycles to map out all routes and scout trips. Our bicycle trips combine adventures and cultures, provide extra value to your cycling holiday; cultural, historic, and scenic aspects of each tour on back roads through villages. We will share ancient cultures, modern history, and spectacular scenery from each different region in Vietnam. Cycling routes: Each cycling route must be meticulously scouted, investigated, and scouted out before Mr. Van's (Van the Man, our founder, and the tour operator). All of our guides had well trained in bike maintenance and navigation. We can tailor-make a custom route that is suitable for your cycling ability. You do not have to ride the exact kilometres which had indicated on the tour itinerary. It must be flexible as you want. You could spend more time cycling if you think the biking distance is too short for you to cycle, or you can enjoy a short biking distance. All bicycle-guided trips by Vietnam Cycling Tours will take you on various roads, such as trails, paths, rural roads, and country roads where they are too small for vehicles. We tailor-make unique bike trips depending on the specific route and terrain of your tour.

We can show some photos taken and hand draw maps of routes only. We ensure that you cannot find these cycling routes on any official map (even google Vietnam Backroads specializes in cycle tours for more than ten years, and its team has met, rode, and talk with many cyclists from different countries. We want to tell you what our team has done so far.

- Many cyclists love enjoying the scenery, using the technique, skills on single tracks while some like cycling faster and keep cycling onward and don't mind how many km! The rest is slow cyclists and learning cultures when they stop at villages.

- Many families on bike tours would love to experience local life and meet locals at their homes in villages! So they don't want to ride fast with long distances. They love nature and like to explore the real life of locals. Significantly, family with kids! Our team knows to look after them on the bike and staying safe with them. We believe we experienced it after nearly ten years of riding with people from over the world. It's a long time for the team to achieve what we know and satisfy cyclists. We have the experience to match your cycling ability on mixed terrain cycle routes.

We don't think you are worrying too much about your bike trips with Vietnam Cycling Tours

- A fully support vehicle on the entire trip; there will be an A/C van/minibus to help you and a truck to carry all bikes

- They will transfer you from the crowded city to the countryside where bicycle riding begins.

- You will be cycling on mixed dirty tracks, concrete paths, and country back roads through villages.

- You will have chances to stop at local markets, schools, pagodas, temples, home-made local workshops, and the home of locals to experience local life

- There are regular stops for a coffee break, enjoy tropical fruits, water stop....etc

- Mineral cold water, fresh fruits are well-repaired on daily cycling

- After ten or a maximum of 15 km, you will stop for a break in a village cafeteria to drink and try different types of fruit, depending on the season.

Another hand, you can depend on the A/C van/minibus when others people in the group continue cycling as long as they wish!- If the weather is too hot for you to ride! You can stop at the coffee shop, relax on a hammock, and continue to ride as you love!

- There are so many small country roads that are linking to high streets (country back roads, second high ways) where
A/C van/minibus always is on hand, waiting if you love to ride on an A/C van instead of cycling.

The cycling distance is flexible. If you are tired, why not rest in the air-conditioned van while the others can continue biking as long as they wish. Along the way, advise the guide where you would like to stay longer or stop for some pictures because everything will be arranged based on your requirements.

- Along the cycle routes, advise the guide where you would like to stay longer or stop for some shots of pictures because everything had arranged based on your requirements


How flexible cycling distance?