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2 - 3 - 4 star hotels
Single supplement
Number Of cycling days
9 days
Ages to ride
18 years old
Average distance per day
MTB Bike hire
Total cycling distance
E-Bike hire
Small group
Large Group
Price in US$
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Price in VND
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Private A/C vehicle takes up all cyclists, luggage
Truck to carry all bikes, spare bikes
All entrance fees, ferry tickets, and boat rides
B= Breakfasts, L= Lunches, D= Dinners
9 nights, double room/ twin room
Daily snack, cold water, soft drinks, facial tissues
Pick up & drop off at hotels
English speaking guide throughout the tour
What's not included
Personal travel insurance
Other personal expenses
Drinks are not included with any meal

The 10 days/9 nights will begin with a 3.5-hour transfer from Ha Noi to Bac Can. Have lunch at a local restaurant in town and prepare for the afternoon ride to Ba Be Lake. Following the back roads, we pass through a picturesque valley of rice terraces, lush farmlands, and small villages along the rivers. There are many small villages of Tay, Nung, and Thai ethnic minorities along the quiet roads that will let you ride independently through the beautiful part of the region. The roads are undulated, with some little hills, rolling hills, and mountains. Today's ride is about 40km as we reach Bang Lung township. Then we'll transfer 1. hour to Ba Be Lake. Check in the homestay.

Local homstay
Breakfast/ Lunch
25 - 42km
Hilly, moderate/
Support vehicles
Cold water, snacks, fruits

Have breakfast, taste coffee, and enjoy the countryside scenery by the Lake. We take a boat trip on the Nang River to visit the An Ma temple in the little islet, where we also admire the landscapes surrounding the lake. Resume the cruise to the lake's north and experience the life of the small village by the river—Trek through the forest to Dau Dang Waterfall, see the beauty of rocky mountains and learn more about the wildlife here. Afterward, we'll return to the village break for lunch at a local house. Following lunch, continue the cruise on the Nang River to Puong cave under the mountain. Then, continue a short boat ride to another pier nearby, where our bikes and support vehicles stand. Pick up the bikes and ride to Cho Ra, turn left, undulating on small back roads, explore rural life along hillsides and mountains, enjoy the beautiful scenery of rice fields, peaceful lakes, little villages, and forest jungles, and stop at Xuan Khue village, get more water, snacks and continue riding to Hua Ma cave, featuring thousands of stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes. Then, we'll resume biking on back roads to Pac Ngoi village, explore the stilted-house village, take your time to meet locals, and view the landscapes of rivers and mountains as the sun gradually sets, then back to the homestay. Dine with the team at the homestay.

Local homestay
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Hilly, moderate/
Boat ride
Support vehicles
Cold water, snacks, fruits

Following breakfast, we'll transfer out of Ba Be Lake for a full day of cycling to Cang Bac Me town. We'll spend a whole day biking through remote villages in the stunning lush mountains and valleys. The day will allow you to enjoy fantastic views from the back roads, lush valleys, terraced rice paddies, and close to several tribal villages. The back roads wind through mountains, hillsides, rice-terraced fields, and sometimes along the rivers. The routes offer so many things to see! Indigenous villages with picturesque sights, jungle forests, incredible breathtaking scenery on speeding-up winding mountain roads, and vast farmland undulating the hillsides. There are opportunities to meet locals at scenic little villages along the way, with lunch en route. 

Bac Me hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 85 km
Hilly, moderate/ hard
Support vehicles
Cold water, snacks, fruits

In the morning, we'll transfer 30 minutes to the road DT176, where we resume the ride to Coc Pang. We undulate on the back roads along the river, passing little villages and lush valleys, challenging some small hills, through the jungle, and stop at a small market where tribes come to sell and buy as they exchange farm products and related goods. Continue cycling to Coc Pang, and take a break for lunch at a local restaurant before we head to Lung Ho, where we will stop at a local coffee shop, taste coffee, and admire the stunning valley. It's so beautiful, with many mountains surrounding a conical shape. Then we'll ride further to the ruined colonial army base by the foot's hillside. The incredible scenery, peaceful landscapes, and colonial historical landmarks will slow your speeding and make you stop longer along the way. Resume the ride rolling hills, sometimes on spiral roads or up hills, passing the title market along the routes. Take a short transfer to Pavi Hmong Village, check in at the hotel, and dine with the team. 

Meo Vac Clay House
Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
25 - 95km
Hilly, moderate/ hard
Support vehicles
Cold water, snacks, fruits

We'll ride down 500m Meo Vac's market, visit quickly, and capture some photos of the market where tribal people often sell and buy farm products every morning. Then, resume cycling to Bao Lac. The first stage of the road 4C will cover the rural countryside and undulate hillsides, forests, and mountainous scenery. Following, we enjoy views of stunning valleys, little villages, and rice fields, little towns before we pass rocky hills and sometimes along the Nho Que Rivers to Bao Lam. The afternoon will race along the Gam River. The road QL34 along the sleepy rivers offers beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. We'll speed up some baby hills and down into the lovely valley filled with rice fields, streams, and villages where you can see locals working in rural countryside before we descend flat terrain past the local minority communities along the way to Bao Lac.

Sunny Bao Lac/ Viet Hoang hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Diner
25 - 73km
Hilly, moderate/ hard
Support vehicles
Cold water, snacks, fruits

The weather and average temperature in Bao Lac, Cao Bang, is around 22 degrees, so it's lovely weather for adventurous cycling from Bao Lac to Cao Bang. The back roads from Bao Lac to Cao Bang will lead you through remote villages and mountain ranges along the China border. After we ride a couple of km along Gam River, passing tiny villages and peaceful countryside, we leave the river behind, start pedaling onto mountain areas, and undulate through the rustic valleys filled up with rice-terraced fields of fruit orchards. Continue riding rolling hills, gear up to speed up Me Pja Pass, and continue a short ride to Khau Coc Cha Pass. Enjoy downhill rice through the vast, beautiful valleys of Xuan Truong. There are plenty of chances to admire the fabulous mountainous landscapes and colorful rice terraced at the bottom of peaceful valleys. Afterward, we continue to challenge the Ta Nenh Pass, gear up on winding roads before we enjoy downhill on the paved roads through stunning scenery, untouched tribal villages, stilt houses nested on the side of a mountain, and views of the lovely valley, the limestone mountain range to Cao Bang City.

After breakfast at the hotel, we'll transfer out of the busy Cao Bang City, pick up your bikes in the rural village, and ride to Pac Po, a small village about 3 km from the China border, where President Ho Chi Minh lived for seven weeks, during February and March 1941. The routes to Pac Po are fantastic, rolling and undulating hillsides, along rivers, passing small villages, and valleys that conical mountains parallel both along the ways. Visit historical sites and enjoy leisure and scenery, then have lunch and continue cycling to Tra Linh in the afternoon. The roads to Tra Linh will lead you, passing many small towns, little markets, and peaceful valleys, and speed up some gentle hills on winding forest jungles on Road DT210. We cycle and pass by small hill tribal villages and experience the rich culture of life of different ethnic minorities in Tra Linh township.

Today's adventures offer incredible picturesque as we ride further remote villages. The scenery is more scenic and rustic, with opportunities to meet ethnic people on farmlands, see buffaloes working on agricultural lands and bamboo water wheels, and admire peaceful valleys filled with rice plants and fruits. Ride rolling conical mountainous hills before we enter the many vibrant valleys, and ride on Trung Khanh town, surrounded by sizeable idyllic mountain villages. Have lunch in town, and following lunch, we'll cycle about 11km on the road DT206, and we'll turn on rural paths, allowing us to ride through some valleys, cross the Quay River, and pass small hamlets along hillsides and rivers. Enjoy the fabulous countryside; view the rice-terraced fields and farmlands, undulate the valleys, cycle the long China border, and end today's ride at Sai Gon Ban Gioc Resort. Check in the hotel.

The early morning is the best time to walk to Ban Gioc Falls, the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. You can see locals of both countries smuggling on little boats and bamboo rafts. Then, pick up the bikes and cycle along the China border, alongside a small river, looking over small villages on the further side of China, and experience ordinary Vietnamese life along the border. As we leave the border behind, venture into breathtaking landscapes and mountain areas and ride down a paved road to Quang Uyen Town. Then we'll transfer to Cao Bang City.

After a leisurely breakfast, we will return to Ha Noi with a lunch route. The drive will take about 6 hours through stunning mountain landscapes. Tour Ends!


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Northeast Vietnam, and it's Ethnic Hill Tribes along China Border