Vietnam Backroads is the first company to build up plenty of itineraries and have been running guided cycling tours to Ca Mau, Vietnam south pole for international travellers to discover the Ca Mau's untouched countryside by bike since 2010. It's new to international tourists but more local travellers visiting Dat Mui- Ca Mau. Our customers travelled far south of the Mekong Delta to enjoy local hospitality, have great trips, and be pleased with our exceptional organization. The people are welcoming, amicable although the region lacks English language skills and tourism hospitality. The infrastructure in the central town and downtowns have rapidly developed, and the rural paths are well-maintained. 

U Minh Ha and U Minh Thuong Melaleuca forest have a total area ​​of 35,000 ha. Of which, 8,256 hectares belonged as U Minh Ha National Park. The vast U Minh Cajeput forest is about 32 km from Ca Mau, and it's the swampland covered with the verdant cajeput forest, also known as melaleuca or paperbark trees. Both U Minh Ha & Thuong forests are homes to 32 mammal species, including monkeys, turtles, 74 bird species, storks, egrets and fishes. The forests are considered to be the most diversified fauna and flora area in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. The rainy season is from May to October, the breeding period, and a great time to explore these by boat.

Tour code
VCT: MBT-7D - SGN - 1
Travel style
Tour meets
Tour ends
3 - 4 star hotels
Single supplement
Number Of cycling days
6 days
Ages to ride
8 years old
Average distance per day
45 km
MTB Bike hire
Total cycling distance
380 km
E-Bike hire
Small group
Large Group
Price in US$
USD $1185.00 1185.00
Price in VND
What's included
Private A/C vehicle takes up all cyclists, luggage
Truck to carry all bikes
New Giant MTB, wheel size: 27.5" hydraulic brake
Helmets, new bottles of water
All entrance fees, ferry tickets in countryside
Domestic flight - Ca Mau to Ho Chi Minh
6 nights: double room/ twin room
B= 6 Breakfasts, L= 7 Lunches, D= 6 Dinners
Daily cold water, snack, fresh fruits, facial tissues
All airport In/Out
Pick up at/ drop off at hotels
Bike mechanic
English speaking guide throughout the tour
What's not included
Personal travel insurance
Other personal expenses
International flight
Single supplement
Drinks are not included with any meal
Ho Chi Minh - Tra Vinh

Depart from Saigon downtown, and you will transfer out of Ho Chi Minh and cycle through the gateway of the Mekong Delta. Biking on mostly flat paths, passing fertile soil farmlands of rice paddies, and vast vegetation to My Tho at midday. Break for lunch in town.

The ride in the afternoon is more on shady paths, on narrow country lanes, along villages hide the water palms, lush waterways. Take a small ferry boat crossing the rivers, stop at some families running small businesses. There will be plenty of time for you to pause along the country roads, experience local life. Relax on today's last ferry to Tra Vinh. 

Cuu Long/ Nha Khach Tinh Uy
Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 50 km
Flat - rural paths
support vehicles
cold water, snacks, fruits
Tra Vinh - Can Tho

Just a quick transfer out of the town after leisurely breakfast. Then you will venture on open paths into Khmer hamlets, learn more about Theravada Buddhism, visit the beautiful Pagodas and encounter the Khmer monks. Afterwards, you will wander through the authentic countryside villages of Vietnamese and Khmer. Tra Vinh countryside offers a stunning rustic landscape for natural and bicycle lovers. The paths are small, enough for bicycles and mopeds across the endless rice paddies.

Enjoy tasty lunch in Cau Ke town, then the afternoon's cycle takes you on along quiet back roads, through fruit orchards, cross water channels on small bridges, and ferry boats, passing numerous Khmer temples and tittle towns to Tra On. From here, you take a ferry to the island with a short ride through the island and take one more ferry to Can Tho.

TTC Premium Can Tho
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 70 km
Flat - rural paths
support vehicles
cold water, snacks, fruits
Can Tho - Chau Doc

After early breakfast, we board on the motorized boat on Can Tho river to the Cai Rang floating market. It's a truly unique floating market in the early morning, with different sizes of vessels steering around. The bigger boats anchor when small sampans move and try to find a good deal on business. Every boat advertises what to sell by hanging its product on a long bamboo pole—wholesale boats from neighbouring provinces and the sampans from local rural villages. Tiny sampans sell steamed rice, noodle soup, coffee and even lottery tickets. Disembark from your boat, pick up the bike for a morning ride to Binh Thuy. Explore the backwaters of Phong Dien, pass local schools, some little land markets by the waterways, visit the oldest ancient house in Binh Thuy.

It is one of the wealthy landlord's houses in the 19th-century in the Mekong Delta. Built in 1870 with a blend of Asian and colonial architecture. The exterior was French style, but the interior was a traditional Vietnamese house. The house was set in the movie of "The Lover" in 1992 based on Marguerite Duras's novel, who loves Huynh Thuy Le between 1928 to 1932 in Sadec township. Lunch en route before a 2-hour vehicle transfer takes us to Chau Phu District, a rural area near Chau Doc. It's the perfect time to continue the afternoon ride around 2:30 pm when the weather is cooler. Ride on tracks along agricultural canals, enjoy the Sam mountain views, see farmers harvest rice crops. Finally, you will transfer on wining road to Sam mountain, check-in at the Sam Mountain Resort.

Sam Mountain Lodge
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
30 - 65 km
Flat - rural paths
support vehicles
cold water, snacks, fruits
Chau Doc - Ha Tien

After a hearty breakfast, a quick transfer takes you to a rural hamlet near Sam Mountain, and then you cycle to Tra Su Forest, which is also a bird sanctuary. The routes take you through palm trees, Khmer villages, and colourful Buddhist pagodas, then across the rice paddies and lotus fields make the ride more delightful. Enjoy the motorboat ride through Tra Su Forest, learn about the wildlife in the wetlands, variety of birds, including storks, egrets, cormorants, peafowl and water cocks. We will have sampan rowed through an area that the homes of various birds. The motorboats can scare birds because of noisy engines. We will see many baby birds in the nests if we are there in the bird's breeding season.

Then we continue cycling on gentle hilly country back roads to Ba Chuc village, and your guide will tell you what happened in the town in 1978. Then you will have a short visit to the memorial of locals if time permitted! The ride will continue; we follow the quiet back roads along the Cambodia border to Ha Tien.

Ha Tien River
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
30 - 70 km
Flat - rural paths
support vehicles
cold water, snacks, fruits
Ha Tien - Rach Gia

Depart at 7:00 am by a transfer 1.5 hours to Kien Luong's rural Dist. The day's cycle in the countryside and we ride on back roads, less traffic along the coast to Hon Chong. The Hon Chong is a beautiful tourism complex with local beaches, stunning rock pinnacles, limestone karsts, and caves with colourful hidden pagodas in the mountain. Local pilgrims visit the beautiful pagoda hidden in the mountain. 

It's a nice place for you to explore the beautiful site and its surroundings, visit the pagoda, then undulate the jungle, a mountain along the coast, cross the idyllic farmlands, mountain jungles until we reach the verdant countryside. We bike into small hamlets along the coastal route, passing little fishing villages, stilt-houses, and the Khmer villages. Along the coastal paths, you will be the first-hand to witness and experience the life of locals living in little seaside towns—lunch en route. We have a chance to venture through remote hamlets and meet the friendliest farmers at the country seafood farms, mangrove forests.

The routes are small, mixed of concrete, some tracks, and small asphalt roads in the middle distance but rolling hills at the beginning and some undulating in the last part. There is so much time for you to enjoy a coffee break, wander into tiny small markets, the homes of locals along the bay of Cay Duong. Enjoy endless photos taken at your own time, end up today's ride in a small town and relax your legs on vehicle transfer to Rach Gia.

Hoa Binh Rach Gia Resort
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
30 - 55 km
Flat + Hilly- rural paths
support vehicles
cold water, snacks, fruits
Rach Gia - U Minh Ha & Thuong Forest - Ca Mau

A quick vehicle drives you to Rach Soi, and then you will benefit from the stunning scenery of the wetland along the coast. Ride past many colour full fishing boats and ships, family fisheries, enjoy some ferry crossing rivers, meet friendly locals along with lively villages. You will stop off at Tac Cau, enjoy coffee, fresh fruit, then wander around the small market by river fork, look over the river, admire hundred of wooden fishing boats with endless photos. Following your ride will venture into the rustic countryside, fish and shrimp farms, and paddy fields. You will see buffalos working in rural, local harvest agricultural crop and animal farming along the way to U Minh Thuong.

Have lunch at a local restaurant. Following lunch, you will rest 1.5 hours on vehicle transfer to Thoi Binh, and then you follow small tracks to U Minh Ha forest, explore the forest by bike, then by boat. A long-tailed engine- composite boat ride through greenery forest, waterlily, enjoy seeing storks, kingfisher, and birds listening to birds singing and experience the forest's wildlife. If time permitted, you want the last ride along waterways, through the small jungle to urban Dist, then back on vehicle for a short transfer city centre of Ca Mau.

Muong Thanh Ca Mau
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
30 - 70 km
Flat - rural paths
support vehicles
cold water, snacks, fruits
Ca Mau - Departure

After leisurely breakfast, your guide and driver take you to Ca Mau airport to board a domestic flight to Ho Chi Minh to catch your international flight home. Vietnam Airlines daily scheduled flights are in the morning and the afternoon.

Please, inform us of your international flight so that our tour operator will book the internal flight to connect your international flight at a suitable time.

Vietnam Airlines
airport out
Road Condition

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta, Vietnam, has complicated rural path network systems, well-developed and maintenance by governments. The region comprises 12 provinces: Long An, Dong Thap, Tien Giang, An Giang, Ben Tre, Vinh Long, Tra Vinh, Hau Giang, Kien Giang, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, and Ca Mau, along with the Mekong Delta Capital of Can Tho. All country back roads are asphalt, concrete paths connecting villages to villages as it's a rural transports. The rest are dirt tracks, so do not worry about exploring the Mekong Delta by bicycle, even you are a beginner. Depending on each province's regions, lowlands, or jungles, and rural villages, our hand-picked routes are the best for your biking trips. Mekong Bike Tours

Flexible route - The most important key is to your trip

You do not have to ride the exact kilometer distance as it's showing on the daily biking of each itinerary. It will be flexible as you want. Even you could choose the longest distance that more than 80km per day if a whole day ride. You could spend more time cycling if you think the biking distance is too short! Or you can enjoy short routes and spend more time taking photos, stopping at villages/ small markets, or the home of locals to find something interesting.

Throughout the Mekong Delta and its rivers with thousand branches! You will ride on various roads; flat trails, paths, rural roads, and country back roads where they are too small for vehicles. However, the Mekong Delta River network has natural creeks and canals that small ferry boats are such essential ways of travelling in the countryside, and riders have no choice!

Cycling routes

We tailor-make unique bike trips depend on the specific route and terrain of your tour. Vietnam Backroads is the first cycle tour operator to explore and build up many adventure trips to Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Rach Gia, Vi Thanh, Cao Lanh, and Sadec and remote villages. Our top cycle tour operator and the pathfinder are Mr Van, nicknamed "Van the man" Each cycling route has to be meticulously well-scouted, investigated, scouted out, and mapped out beforehand by Mr. Van the man. Our guides are licensed, well trained in bike maintenance and navigation and know all routes as they are on their hands. All bike guides can tailor a custom route suitable to your wish and levels of cycling skills.

How were the backup vehicles support cyclists on the trip?

Most routes are small, narrow, just wide enough for two bicycles OR mopeds. There are vehicles to support riders on the entire trip (van/minibus to take up all cyclists and truck to carry all bikes and spare bikes), but they are too big to drive on, follow riders along through the countryside. Do remember! All support vehicles are permanently closed and not far from the group. Where are the support vehicles during the trip? Depends on routes, vehicles sometimes move along the high roads, second highways, or country roads as close to riders as possible. If one of the riders wants to relax on A/C vehicle, the tour leaders will find the shortest route that leads he/she to the support vehicles that are always on standby. That is very easy and also the way Vietnam Backroads organized. 

  • The weather in Mekong Delta has two distinct seasons. Rainy season from May to last November, and the dry season from May to last April. The weather will be more relaxed from November to February.  In general, the preferred travel time is from August to April in both the dry and wet seasons. It  will be more humid, a little bit hot from May to July, and farmers start to make rice crops this time of the year.  Travellers can take bicycle tours in the wettest months from the last of May to August because the rains usually come in short, heavy showers, mainly in the afternoon, and only lasts for an hour, then sunshine turns back to normal.

Private Support Vehicles

We organize cycling holidays, cycling adventure trips and mountain biking tours. All are flexible with luxury, fully air-conditioned vehicles to support riders on the entire journey. It depends on how many riders are in the group, and the vehicle support services will be well-arranged to satisfy your travels. There are air-conditioned 16-seat van/minibuses to take up all riders, luggage, and a truck to hold all bikes during the trip. 

Every morning, the vehicles will transfer you out of the bustling city, and then you will ride to explore the stunning countryside, and you will back on the vehicles to avoid traffic in town when the daily's ride ends in the late afternoon. 

Every 20 - 25 km, the support vehicles will be waiting at the high road if you are tired and really would love to ride on A/C van. Your guide will escort you to vehicles easily because many country back roads are linked to the main roadways where keeping vehicles are on standby. 

Then you can relax on a support vehicle when others in the group can continue cycling as long as they wish! You will meet the others at the next point/ destination where you love to re-join the group and continue to ride.

All your luggage/ suitcase and day bags are safe on the vehicles and well kept by the company's drivers and its team.

2 to 4 riders in a group

There is only one A/C 16 seater van to take up all riders, luggage & suitcases, and bikes. There are four rows of seating for passengers on the A/C 16 seater van. Two people sit on each row. The third row is for luggage and suitcases. The last row of seats will be folded up, so all bikes will be uploaded here.

A medium group tour: from 5 to 7 people

There will be two vehicles to support riders on the entire trip. One 16 seater van to take up all riders, luggage & suitcases. Another truck to carry all bikes, spare bikes, tool kits, icebox to keep cold drinks, and so on

A large group tour: 8 to 14 people

One minibus to take up all riders, including luggage & suitcases, and one truck to carry all bikes, spare bikes, water, cold drinks, and snacks...Iceboxes

A group has more than 15 riders and more than 20 people

We provide two vans and one minibus, and one truck to escort large groups of riders and help ensure their safety. Our pro guide will motivate a team with support vehicles to bring the best services to riders.

Giant MTB & Trek Hybrid MTB Bikes & Gears

Trek Hybrid MTB Bikes - Wheelsize 700c x45/1.95 - Gravel tires



Giant MTB Bikes - Wheelsize 27.5 x 1.95

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