Where to ride ?

Vietnam, the country is still a very rural, undeveloped country. It is a wonderful country with small and long in shape as the home to many world-famous sites such as Sa Pa, Ha Long Bay, Hue, central highland, and Mekong Delta. Join Vietnam Backroads Bicycle Tours to see locals and the scenic beauty of each region. Ride on beautiful coastal routes, enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, and visit the World Heritage sites, Ha Long, Imperial Hue Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town, before relaxing on Mui Ne, Nha Trang's sandy beaches Phu Quoc Island.

Our top cycle tour operator and also the pathfinder The riding is always away from busy roads. We ride on small paths, trails, single track, and quiet country back roads through villages, farmlands, remote villages, fishing villages, and mountain villages. It depends on location, region! Each itinerary has a well-informed; road surface and road conditions. Most trails, paths, and country back roads support vehicles cannot follow. Please, do not worry about daily cycling distance, although it is too long for you! You can meet our support vehicle at intervals of 15km/ every 15km if someone in the group would love to rest on the support vehicle and wish to continue riding at the next point. Our team has a passion for biking and cycling adventures, so we focus on the quality of bike trips rather than quantity. We are providing extra value to your holiday by paying extra attention to each trip's cultural, historic, and scenic aspects. We will share with you ancient cultures, modern history and spectacular scenery from each different regions

Cycling routes by local knowledge
Each cycling route has to be meticulously researched, investigated, and scouted beforehand by Mr. Van (Van the Man, our tour operator/cycling route finder). All of our guides are well trained in bike maintenance and navigation. We can tailor-make a custom route that is suitable for your cycling ability. You do not have to ride the exact kilometre which is indicated on the tour itinerary. It must be flexible as you want. You could spend more time cycling if you think the biking distance is too short for you to cycle, or you can enjoy a short biking distance. Bicycle trips by Vietnam BackRoads will take you on various roads, such as trails, paths, rural roads, and country back roads where they are too small for vehicles. We tailor-make unique bike trips depending on the specific route and terrain of your tour. ♦ We can show some photos taken and hand draw maps of routes only. We ensure that you cannot find these cycling routes on any official map
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Stung Streng, Cambodia
Kamport, Cambodia
Oudomxay, Laos
Kratie, Cambodia
Ca Mau, Mekong Delta
Phu Quoc Island
Phan Thiet province
Ban Me Thuot - Daklak
Vespa adventure tour - Phan Rang
Rolling on Ho Chi Minh trail, Khe Sanh
City tour by vespa
Ma Da forest, Dong Nai
He is not only bike guide but also real mechanic
This is how to film! camera mam
Ban Gioc waterfal, East West Vietnam
Ready to rock and roll
maped out routes


maped out all routes because google map did not work in Vietnam 2009
bike routes have to be inspected before trip starts


This is how I organize cycling tours