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VBT: 10B - MTB
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9 days + a half-day
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Bike route- Bac Lieu- Ca Mau- Rach Gia- Chau Doc - Long Xuyen- Can Tho
HCM - Can Duoc - Go Cong – Ben Tre

Can Duoc, Dist, Long An provice when you see its countryside by bike in the morning. It is a major rice producer, particularly Jasmine rice (Nang Thom) which is grown nationwide. But, the most delicious is Nang Thom Cho Dao variety cultivated in My Le commune. Cho Gao Dist, Tien Giang province where fish and shrimp farms are doing by locals. After you are picked up, short transfer takes you to rural Dist of Ho Chi Minh to begin a morning ride. Today' bicycle riding is divided into 2 different sections. In the morning, we bike through Can Duoc' countryside; biking through jasmine rice paddy fields, okra, squash vegetable fields. We stop for lunch in small town of Can Duoc. After lunch, we bike to ferry where we cross Vam Co River. Our pleasure ride is on unique paths along Vam Co River; passing local farms which growing shrimp, fish. The last ferry will take us crossing rivers. Lovely countryside in Cho Gao and its' friendly people here makes your pleasant cycling become a highlight of today' adventures

Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 60km
Flat- easy/ moderate
Ben Tre - Tra Vinh – Cau Quan – Soc Trang

After your breakfast at homestay, a short transfer takes you to Ha Luong Bridge, your guide will choose shady path to lead you cycling through plantations of coconut and banana. It has bike paths criss-cross its land and these paths link village to village. Enjoy some local' cakes, candy. Ride deeply on village road, bike deeply into coconut plantation on beautiful countryside back roads. We continue our biking adventures on back roads to Tra Vinh after a ferry crossing. Lunch is in toen of Tra Vinh. Then we get in small paths; ride through rice paddy fields, Khmer villages, stop at colorful temples. After lunch, we ride to Tieu Can, Cau Quan; primary schools, kindergarten; see parents picking up their kids from school. Having tropical fruits at local market before our adventure continues cycling on smooth concrete paths through water palm. We get on vehicle to Soc Trang city.

Tin Hoa hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 80km
Flat- easy/ moderate
Soc Trang – Vinh Chau – Bac Lieu

Soc Trang and Bac Lieu are new to tourists. There is a large Khmer lives here as their homeland. Today, you could explore not only daily lives of them but also learning ancient history and culture directly from Khmer. We start our cycling adventure after 10 minutes transfer from hotel. All are smooth concrete paths through rural villages allows you to discover, to experience life styles and daily activities of not only Khmer but also Chinese. We will spend a morning on biking from Tra Vinh to Cau Quan via small town of Tieu Can. We travel across rice paddies, along canals and villages of Khmer, passing a hand of colorful temples, tiny thatch houses before we continue biking to Cau Quan Dist. Stopping at local restaurant in rural area for lunch. After first ferry crossing Mekong River to Dung Island where you explore the way of earning a living of locals on this Island. Ride past betel garden, sugar cane plantation, vegetable farm lands and fresh fish farms before a ferry taking to Long Phu town. Our private vehicle is standby here near this town. We get on our vehicle for half an hour driving to City of Soc Trang.

Saigon Bac Lieu hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 80km
Flat- easy/moderate
Bac Lieu – Ganh Hao – Ca Mau

Ca Mau is a very new to tourist. The province has been well-developed recently. It’s a good news and also an opportunity travelers love explore new places and meet locals who have seen Westerners on television only. Your Today is really a long day for us to benefit most from real life of local in untouched countryside, especially the way of earning a living. We pedal cross salt fields, shrimp farms and thatch houses along  forest before we stop at Ganh Hao for lunch. This afternoon gives you a chance to experience daily activities in the areas that water way is a regular transport; small and long composite boats with long tailed engines are almost used here. It is because they go fast and also could go on shallow water rivers and canals. The special narrow route through mangrove forest allows you to see how hard people' life is. Then we continue our adventures through countryside of rural Dist in Ca Mau. Its so beautiful. You can see farmers working on farmland with buffaloes and cows. Many shelters along the country back roads are small for ducks, cows, buffaloes and we could stop for photo taken. We will end up our ride today in outskirt of Ca Mau city and get on A/C van/bus for driving to Ca Mau city

Muong Thanh Ca Mau
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Diner
25 - 80km
Flat- easy/moderate
Ca Mau – Dat Mui, End Cape

Ca Mau is Vietnam's biggest exporter of shrimp and prawns in Mekong Delta. There are many touristy sites attract locals but not to foreign tourists. There is nothing to see in big and modern city but rural Districts are wondering to explore new things. After breakfast, a 30 minute transfer takes you rural village. We ride deeply into Thi Truong’s lake. The Ca Mau’s biggest lake but it very shallow and not very deep! Locals doing a lot of farming; clam, oyster, fish…We cross this lake by slowly ferry, watching people working on lake with half body under water. Then we continue riding to the dock for Nam Can, a famous fishing Dist of Mekong Delta, belonged to Ca Mau province. Enjoy 3 hours high-speed boat ride through mangrove forest to Nam Can fishing District. See the real floating by the town, spend time to experience local life and enjoy seafood in town. If time permitted! Our bus will take to Dat Mui Cape. The cape is the southwestern tip of Mekong Delta, Vietnam which features the Vietnamese natural landscapes and cultural characteristics of the south-west. In the afternoon, we start the ride at Cai Nuoc, ride on back road along canals through shrimp farms, fish farms before we ride deeply into many villages along rivers. We follow this path to Ca Mau city

Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Flat- easy/ moderate
Dat Mui - Ca Mau


Muong Thanh Can Tho
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
no cycling
Flat- easy/ moderate
Cau Mau - U Minh- Rach Gia


Hoa Binh Rach Gia resort
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 80km
Flat- easy/moderate
Rach Gia –Tri Ton – Chau Doc


Today's cycling will begin after A/C van taking you Urban Dist where you ready for off-road cycling. We pedal on path, single track across villages and wild grass fields, cajuput forest along river as you racing with local cargo boats. Then we follow a single track along eucalyptus field to mountain To which is near Tri Ton. Passing some pagodas through palm trees closed to mountain. Stop for lunch at Tri Ton town. Tri Ton Dist belonged to An Giang province which owned many beautiful mountains and hilly single track and country back roads in the Delta of Vietnam. This is a chance you can challenge cycling skills and enjoy beautiful road; see farmers harvesting chili, tapioca, and corns. Then we carry on our cycling adventure on back road to Tra Su forest. This is the best time you explore this forest included; motor boat ride, sampan boat rowing, see many kids of birds, bats when they are going back home to sleep. Have a short transfer to Chau Doc after visiting Tra Su forest.

Chau Pho hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
30 - 90km
Flat- easy/ moderate
Chau Doc - Long Xuyen - Can Tho

Chau Doc - Long Xuyen Can Tho

Muong Thanh Can Tho
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 70km
Flat- easy/ moderate
Can Tho - Ho Chi Minh

Can Tho is located in the center of the 12 provinces which make up the Mekong Delta. It is not only famous for rice but is also well-known for its many floating markets. We'll have an early start by boat to a floating market, and then we head back to the hotel for breakfast. Transfer for an hour to Vinh Long town where we will cross the Co Chien River. Continue by bike to An Binh. Cycle 17 km to Cai Be town, then enjoy delicious lunch at an ancient house.  After lunch, we will cycle another 15 km on back roads to Cay Lay, Tien Giang province. Transfer to Saigon.

Breakfast/ Lunch
Flat- easy/ moderate

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8.00year old
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02 - 04
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05 - 12
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Private vehicles
Truck carries bikes, spare bikes
New Giant MTBs, wheel size 27.5, hydraulic brake
Helmets, bottles of water, tools kit
All entrance fees, boat rides
B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner
Cold mineral water, soft drinks
Daily cold water, snack, fresh fruits, facial tissues
9 nights, double & twin share
Experienced English speaking bike guides
Pick up at/drop off at hotels
What's not included
Personal travel insurance
Other personal expenses
Drinks are not included with any meal
Tips to bike guide and driver
Road Condition

Cycling adventures trips and biking holidays by Vietnam Backroads! you will ride on a variety of roads; flat trails, paths, rural roads and country back roads where they are too small for vehicles. We tailor make unique bike trips depending on the specific route and terrain of your tour. Vietnam Backroads is first cycle tour operator exlore and build up many adventure trips to Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Rach Gia, Cao Lanh and Sadec...

Our top cycle tour operator and also the path finder is Mr Van nick named "Van the man" Each cycling route has to be meticulously researched, investigated and scouted out and maped out before hand by Mr Van the man. All of our guides are well trained in bike maintenance and navigation and know all routes as they are on their hand. All bike guides can tailor make a custom route which is suitable to your wish; cycling ability and skills. You do not have to ride the exact kilometer which are indicated on the tour itineraries. It will be flexible as you want. Even you could choose some longest disctance that more than 80km per day if a full day ride. You could spend more time on cycling if you think the biking distance is too short !, or you can enjoy short routes and spend more time to take photos, to stop at villages/ small markets, or the home of locals to find something interesting

From last of May to July is Mr Van's yearly scouting trips. He travel by motorcycle as to update new routes for Vietnam Backroads. There will be many new routes for following trips. The riding is always away from busy roads. Mostly we ride on styles of small paths, trails, single track and quiet country back road through villages, farmlands, remote villages, fishing villages, along rivers, small jungle and mountainous areas...

Each itinerary with a well-informed; road surface and road conditions. Most of trails, paths and country back roads, 80% routes that our private vehicles (A/C van/ minibus could support riders. Please, do not worry about it and daily cycling distance. Its too short or too long ! You can meet our support vehicles at intervals of 15 - 25km/ every 15 - 25km. If someone in the group would love to take a rest on support vehicles and wish to continue his/her ride at the next point. Please, get on A/C vehicles to relax. Others in the group will continue biking as long as they wish!

Please, check out some hand draws maps that Mr Van maped out from 2007 to 2013. During this periods, Google map did not work in Vietnam.


The temperatures in the Mekong delta are all year round about 25-28°C with only slight variations. The climate of the Mekong River Basin ranges from temperate to tropical. In the Upper Mekong Basin, some of the taller peaks of the Tibetan Plateau are glaciated. In fact, much of this part of the Basin is snow-covered in winter. Melting snow from the Tibetan Plateau feeds the Mekong River’s dry-season flow, especially in the middle reaches. In the relatively lower elevations of the Yunnan province of China, the climate of the Mekong River Basin changes and the temperature gradually increases.

- The dry season is from October to last of April. Farmers make 3 crops of rice per year so travelers not only meet them at their home but also seeing them working on farmlands. Especially, dry season is closed to Vietnamese Lunar New Year and it makes locals doing more and trying to work hard to get more money. Weather is nice, low temperature and cooler than other season.

- The wet season is called flooded season or the monsoon season. It is the time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfall occurs. Sea level is higher than as usual by heavy rains from upstream countries; Tibetan- China, Laos , Thailand and Cambodia. Provinces in southwest of Mekong Delta have yearly flooded but not so long. Its from last of August to early of Nov. Its the best way to see Mekong Delta on back roads by bicycle.

In general, the preferred travel time is the dry season. But even during the rainy season from May to October is also really good time to travel by bicycle of very short rains. The rain usually comes in short, heavy showers, mostly in the afternoon and only lasts for an hour or so. Only a few days a year the temperature is below 20°C. It usually takes around one hour then gone and sunshine turns back to nomral.

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