Meals and Water Stop

Where your dinner will be included and where your dinner will not included:

Depends on cycling routes or areas (provinces, towns, countryside in places you are biking) where you may have delicious lunch at nice restaurants. Other hand, your picnic lunch has to be arranged by biking guides/ tour leaders in early morning. (our tour leader will inform you the day before) It simply; there is not any good restaurants (food is safed for you)


Many other tour companies have provided dinner as part of your package. Dinners are not be covered on your bicycle tours by Vietnam Backroads except if you stay a night in the countryside or town where restaurants can not be found. Why is this? Simply, we do not want to limit your choices to the same thing as every day. Depends on trip you booked and region you travel to dinners will be included or not included;

- For the short trips less than 8 days, dinners are included as the itineraries shown D = Dinner.
- For the long trips more than 7 days, Vietnam Backroads will sometime cover your dinner and will sometimes not cover dinner on bicycle trips.

Where your dinner included !

When you stay the night in the countryside, town (local houses or home-stay, non touristy destination) cities which are not the tourist destinations and where there is not nice places to eat (safed food) or entertainment for you to enjoy, then Vietnam Backroads will arrange dinner and special local dishes, as a family dinner for you.

Your dinners is not included in Vietnam's most popular cities for tourists 

For example, during your bicycle trips, everyday you will have breakfast at the hotel and lunch or picnic lunch with your tour leaders, and your group. If you dine with your group and your tour guides/ tour leaders, you would have no free time to explore the town where you are staying. All of your days would be the same! At the very least, you need to have a free evening to explore the small town and find your own eating opportunities, for as long as you want. During the day, our bike guides will talk plenty about history, culture, local lifestyles, etc. Therefore, in the evening you will have your own personal opportunity to understand the locals enjoying some free time by yourself.

Your lunch and picnic lunch:

It depends on trips you booked/routes you cycle on, your lunch sometime serves at nice local restaurants and sometime you will have picnic lunch on the ways. Pleases, do not have local drinks with ice at water stop in countryside.You mostly spend time on bicycle in rural areas and countryside everyday during the trip. If you haven't got any water with you when you at local water stop! You shouldn't to have local drinks with ice. It is find if you drink it without ice. My guides will check ice if it is purified ice and cleaned ice. It is because there are much of ice making from un-purified water in rural Dist. It is not safe for you.

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