Touring the Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc Island


There are dozens of excellent sandy beaches on Phu Quoc Island, enjoy stunning beaches and ride on the world longest cable car, walk through night markets, and visit historical sites; prisons. The mighty Mekong River flows for about 4180 kilometers (2600 miles) from its origins in the Tibetan highlands of western China to the pacific ocean. Vietnamese called "The River of Nine Dragons" in Mekong Delta. It is also known as the "Rice Bowl of Vietnam". Many provinces haven't been touched by foreign travelers because they are untouched countrysides. Throughout the bike trip of touring the Mekong Delta; you could smell, taste not only scenery, landscape but also different cultures of Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese. You will meet the real farmers in untouched countryside on back roads.

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USD $1650.00 1650.00
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VBR: 10H - MBT - 2
Number Of cycling days
7 days + a half-day
Single supplement
Average distance per day
Bike Hire
Total cycling distance
Ages to ride
18 years old
Tour meets
Tour ends
Small group
Large Group
What's included
Private A/C vehicle takes up all cyclists, luggage
Truck to carry all bikes
New Giant MTBs, wheel size 27.5, hydraulic brake
Helmets, bottles of water, tools kit
All entrance fees, boat rides to/back Phu Quoc Island
B= 9 Breakfasts, L= 10 Lunches, D= 8 Dinners
Daily cold water, snacks, fresh fruits, facial tissues
9 nights, double room/ twin room
English speaking guide throughout the tour
Pick up/drop off at hotels
What's not included
Personal travel insurance
Other personal expenses
Drinks are not included with any meal
Tips to bike guide and driver

Full Itinerary

How to cycling to Phu Quoc Island
Saigon - My Tho - Ben Tre

Ben Tre has a complex network of river and natural creeks. It’s also criss-crossed with smaller rivers and canals. The countryside paths are built by concrete through villages to villages. Leaving Saigon at: 8:00am, our private vehicle will take you for about 1.5hrs to countryside of Chau Thanh Dist, the place we start the morning cycling. We bike through farmlands; rice paddy fields, fruit orchards and ride along country road, line with water palms. After lunch in My Tho city, we will have a short transfer takes us to Mo Cay for the afternoon ride. Noon is hot so transfer is the best way to avoid getting heat. Then we continue our easy cycling on back roads through farmlands of nursery and ornamental to Cho Lach Dist. Stay a night at beautiful homestay

Homestay Gite Nam Hien Mekong
Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 50km
Flat - easy/ moderate
Ben Tre - Tra Vinh - Soc Trang

After your breakfast at homestay, we will start to bike from here. Our guide lead you ride on smooth paths through villages of bonsai garden, stop at many local farmland so that you could learn how locals growing different kinds of plant. Then we will explore homeland of coconut tree – Mo Cay Dist. There will be many stop at local workshops along the ways; coconut fiber place, coconut jelly and coconut candy workshop. After we reach to further side of Co Chi River by local ferry, we will have lunch in town of Tra Vinh. You wil have time to take a nap on hammock of coffee shop before the afternoon riding through rice fields and villages of Khmer to Tieu Can. Visit some colorful Khmer temples and some homes of Khmer people before we continue our ride to Cau Quan Dist. Our private vehicle will take us to Soc Trang city after ferry crossing

Que Toi hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 75km
Flat - easy/ moderate
Soc Trang - Vinh Chau - Bac Lieu

Our adventure day is a long way and it will divide into two different separate parts after a short transfer by vehicle. In the morning, we travel through lively countryside villages; bike through gently undulating farmland filled with large shrimp and fish farms, irrigation system and using 2 ferries to cross rivers before heading to Vinh Chau Dist. After lunch in town, you will have a transfer to avoid heat. In the afternoon, we bike through tranquil villages and bustling local markets of Khmer vegetable farming; Khmer growing chili pepper, sweet potato and other kinds of vegetable before we cycle on quiet back roads to Bac Lieu city.

Tra Vinh hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 70km
Flat - easy/ moderate
Bac Lieu - Vi Thanh - Rach Gia

Rach Gia city is far away from Bac Lieu and we can't ride all the ways. Our guide will choose the best route so that we could enjoy lovely countryside; meet locals at their home in rural villages, and spend the good time cycling through beautiful scenery. Vi Thanh is knows as a new town after it was government divided Hau Giang into 2 provinces. It is almost none-touristy city and very new to tourists. The highlight of today' cycling is to explore a network of natural creeks through removed communities of Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese. You will have a chance to meet farmers who haven’t seen westerners before. Then we continue our morning ride to Nga Nam floating market. People here quickly gathered to trade in this area and Nga Nam floating market appeared since then. Sellers and buyers all use canoes, sampan and boats to move and carry out their transactions on the river. Today we have a lunch a bit late and have a transfer to hotel for swimming. Stay a night in Rach Gia city.

Hoa Binh Rach Gia resort
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 65km
Flat - easy/ moderate
Rach Gia - Phu Quoc Island

After breakfast at hotel, we will have a 10 minute drive by our private vehicle to take us to the dock of Super Dong. Get on board at 7:40am for a speed boat to Phu Quoc Island. The boat ride takes about 2.hrs and 20 minutes to get to Bai Vong dock. Another private bus will take us to hotel for check in. Enjoy lunch at hotel and spend the rest of today for swimming. Enjoy your dinner and explore night market by your own.

will inform
Breakfast/ Lunch
Kiwi standing on oval
Super Dong boat
Phu Quoc Island - boat trip

We will start our boat ride at 9:00 am at hotel. First, our bus will take us to local market closed to fishing village, and then we have an opportunity to visit Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm. This Pearl Farm raises Australian stock and is now managed by Ngoc Hien who uses Japanese technology. The Pearl Farm cafe and showroom were damaged by a recent storm and reconstruction is due for November. For now, get your fill by seeing the pearls at Ngoc Hien. Then we go on to the harbor to board the boat. Once out on the water we anchor down for guests to fish. Afterwards we dock at a beautiful island for snorkeling and swimming. Enjoy lunch onboard, we visit a second island for more snorkeling. Our final stop on the return journey is Bai Sao, a beautiful beach with turquoise water and white sand. We return to hotel about 4:00pm. Enjoy dinner with guide as dinner is included.

will inform
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Kiwi standing on oval
John Tour boat trip
Historical site – Cable car – boat to Ha Tien

After breakfast, we do check out for a half-day city tour includes; Visit historical site; political prison. Phu Quoc Prison is a prison in southern Vietnam on Island. The prison was built in 1967-68 by U. S. Army Engineers for detention of captured Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers. Then we enjoy return ticket the world longest cable car to Island. The cable-car ride from Phu Quoc to Pineapple Island takes about 15 minutes each way, so you have time to really enjoy the amazing views. It's a fast ride at times (up to around 30km an hour apparently) so you genuinely do feel like you're flying above the water. We will spend half an hour in Pineapple Island to walk around and enjoy services here and then we get back to main land by cable car. Enjoy delicious lunch at local restaurant before we get on board at: 1:30pm. This boat ride takes about 1.hrs and 15 minutes speed boat to Ha Tien. Check in hotel in Ha Tien town and relax until dinner time.

Ha Tien River hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Kiwi standing on oval
Super Dong boat
Ha Tien - Tri Ton - Chau Doc

Leaving Ha Tien for Chau Doc today, we will have a 30 minute transfer on Highway N1 which lined along Vinh Te Canal. We will ready for off-road cycling. Ride on shady dirt track, passes stilt-houses along the track. Then we follow a single track along eucalyptus field to mountain Nui Nuoc- Nuoc Mountain in Tri Ton and we will make a stop at Ba Chuc village, after water and fruit stop we visit the memorial of killing field before we carry on our adventure cycling on undulating back road to Tra Su Natural Reserve. This is the best time you explore this forest included; motor boat ride, sampan boat rowing, see many kids of birds, bats when they are going back home to sleep. Have a short transfer to Chau Doc town to check in hotel.

Chau Pho hotel
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
30 - 75km
Flat - easy/ moderate
Chau Doc - Can Tho

After breakfast at hotel, we do check out for a 10 minute transfer takes us to countryside for a morning ride about 35km. You will mingle with children on bike on rural road through villages of Muslim. Cham villages are the gathering place of many Cham people in the South of Vietnam. Different from the Cham in the central region who follow Ba Ni or Brahmanism religion, the Cham in Chau Giang follow Islam with the strict mores of the official Islamic. Today is a special chance we learn history and culture and see the way people making their lives! The morning ride will finish at Chau Phu where we have a transfer to Long Xuyen city for lunch. The afternoon ride is easy after one hour transfer by private vehicle. We start our biking when the temperature is drop down. We will enjoy cycle leisurely through the countryside through lively countryside villages and will have a transfer from urban Dist of Phong Dien to City center of Can Tho. Stay a night in capital of Mekong Delta’s Vietnam.

TTC Premium Can Tho
Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
25 - 60 km
Flat - easy/moderate
Can Tho - Vinh Long - Saigon

Can Tho is located in the center of the 12 provinces in the Delta which it becomes a capital of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Cycling adventure to the heart of Mekong Delta is truly an opportunity to see daily life of farmers, especially local business by boats at floating market of Cai Rang. This is a real floating market because you come to watch what locals selling and buying from boats to boats. After breakfast, we do check out and enjoy a boat ride to this market. On this boat ride, you can take plenty of photos along river banks. Our boat will get through floating market slowly so that could see this market in action. Then we will disembark from your boat and see another land market nearby and this located by river as well. Then   everyone will be ready for the last half-day cycling. We will explore lush green countryside of Vinh Long; from Binh Minh to Ba Cang rural village. Stop at some family workshops and you can see one of the family using water hyacinths to make dust bins, handbags, hats, sandals…. So on. We will carry our last ride to Ba Cang village and we will have lunch on the way returning to Saigon. Tour End!

Breakfast/ Lunch
Flat - easy

More Info

Road Condition

Mekong Delta
Throughout the Mekong Delta and its rivers with thousand branches! You will ride on a variety of roads; flat trails, paths, rural roads and country back roads where they are too small for vehicles. There are four Ethnic groups of people ling in Mekong Delta of Vietnam. They are  Khmer, Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese. According to locations, provinces lowland, jungles and Islands of Con Dao and Phu Quoc, hictorical sites/relics, countryside villages and removed hamlets and sandy beaches create  sceneries, landcapes and offer plenty of opportunities for cyclists to see people lives and enjoy beautiful countryside and different cultures of locals. However, Mekong Delta River has thousand branches; natural creeks and canals that small ferry boats are so important in countryside and riders have no choice!

Bike routes
We tailor make unique bike trips depend on the specific route and terrain of your tour. Vietnam Backroads is first cycle tour operator exlore and build up many adventure trips to Soc Trang, Bac Lieu, Ca Mau, Rach Gia, Vi Thanh, Cao Lanh and Sadec...and removed villages. Our top cycle tour operator and also the path finder is Mr Van nick named "Van the man" Each cycling route has to be meticulously researched, investigated and scouted out and mapped out before hand by Mr Van the man. All of our guides are well trained in bike maintenance and navigation and know all routes as they are on their hands. All bike guides can tailor make a custom route which is suitable to your wish; cycling ability and skills. 

Flexible route
You do not have to ride the exact kilometer which are indicated on the tour itineraries. It will be flexible as you want. Even you could choose some longest distance that more than 80km per day if a full day ride. You could spend more time on cycling if you think the biking distance is too short !, or you can enjoy short routes and spend more time to take photos, to stop at villages/ small markets, or the home of locals to find something interesting.


The temperatures in the Mekong delta are all year round about 25-28°C with only slight variations. The climate of the Mekong River Basin ranges from temperate to tropical. In the Upper Mekong Basin, some of the taller peaks of the Tibetan Plateau are glaciated. In fact, much of this part of the Basin is snow-covered in winter. Melting snow from the Tibetan Plateau feeds the Mekong River’s dry-season flow, especially in the middle reaches. In the relatively lower elevations of the Yunnan province of China, the climate of the Mekong River Basin changes and the temperature gradually increases.

  • The dry season is from October to last of April. Farmers make 3 crops of rice per year so travelers not only meet them at their home but also seeing them working on farmlands. Especially, dry season is closed to Vietnamese Lunar New Year and it makes locals doing more and trying to work hard to get more money. Weather is nice, low temperature and cooler than other season.
  • The wet season is called flooded season or the monsoon season. It is the time of year when most of a region's average annual rainfall occurs. Sea level is higher than as usual by heavy rains from upstream countries; Tibetan- China, Laos , Thailand and Cambodia. Provinces in southwest of Mekong Delta have yearly flooded but not so long. Its from last of August to early of Nov. Its the best way to see Mekong Delta on back roads by bicycle.

In general, the preferred travel time is the dry season. But even during the rainy season from May to October is also really good time to travel by bicycle of very short rains. The rain usually comes in short, heavy showers, mostly in the afternoon and only lasts for an hour or so. Only a few days a year the temperature is below 20°C. It usually takes around one hour then gone and sunshine turns back to normal.


Private Support Vehicles

2 to 4 riders in a group

There is only one A/C 16 seater van to take up all riders, luggage & suitcases and bikes. There are four rows of seating for passengers on A/C 16 seater van.Two people seat on each row. The third row is for luggage and suitcases. The last row of seat will be fold up so all bikes will be uploaded here.

A medium group tour: from 5 to 7 people

There will be 2 vehicles to support riders on entire trip. One 16 seater van to take up all riders, luggage & suitcases. Another truck to carry all bikes, spare bikes, tool kits, ice box to keep cold drinks....

A large group tour: 8 to 14 people

One minibus to take up all riders including luggage & suitcases and one truck to carry all bikes, spare bikes, water, cold drinks and snacks...Ice boxes

A group has more than 15 riders and more than 20 people

We provide 2 vans and 1 minibus and one truck to escort large groups of riders and help ensure their safety. Our pro guide will motivate a team with support vehicles to bring the best services to riders.


27.5 Giant MTB bikes & Trek Hybrid Touring Bikes

1. There are 60 pro MTB bikes and hybrid MTB bikes and available in store and they are ready for all cycling tours

MTB Bikes for kids: wheel size 20", 24" with  suspension seatpost. Kid heights: 120cm, 130cm, 145cm

Pro Giant Mountain Bike - 650B/ 27.5" wheel size

27.5" Pro mountain bikes are use for off-road cycling; on dirt track and hilly single track narrow paths and also country back roads.

27.5" wheel size and MTB tires 27.5" x 1.95 is the best choice and suitable and good for challenge and technical mountain biking. 

1 - Good quality and lightweight Alloy MTB 27.5" frames 

2 - 27.5" Rockshox XC30 , 100mm travel, manual lockout

3 - SR Gel saddle - Very soft and comfortable for riding

4 - Deore Shimano Group set

5 - Shimano hydraulic disc brake

6 - Shimano Deore hubs - 32 holes

7 - 27.5" Alexrims disc brake rims - 32 holes

8 - Maxxis Cross Mark 27.5 x 1.95 - Good quality and suitable for both on road and off-road riding

9 - Soft grips

10 - FSA sealed bearing headset

11 - Cycle Track, massive MTB flat pedals with sealed bearings

12 - All bikes are well-maintained by Mr Van and his team

2. There are 25 Trek hybrid mountain bikes available in our store.  Hybrid bike tires 700 x 38- Good choice for a long trip: Saigon to Hanoi and Hanoi to Saigon

Hybrid bikes are use for an off-road cycling through countryside, dirt track and but working on muddy road. Its really good for touring a long trip, it moves faster and easier. Hybrid bike gives you an easy to pedal uphills, smooth bicycle riding on quiet concrete paths and country back roads. The best choice to challenge mountain and serious hills

1 - Good quality and lightweight alloy hybrid frame

2 - 29" Rockshox XC30 , 100mm travel, manual lockout

3 - SR Gel saddle - Very soft and comfortable saddle

4 - Deore Shimano Group set

5 - Shimano hydraulic disc brake

6 - Shimano Deore hubs - 32 holes

7 - 29" Alexrims touring rims, disc brake - 32 holes

8 - Schwalbe CX Comp 700 x 38 - Good quality and suitable for both off-road cycling and touring a long trip

9 - Soft grips

10 - FSA sealed bearing headset

11 - Cycle Track, massive MTB flat pedals with sealed bearings

12 - All bikes are well-maintained by Mr Van and his team

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One person is available
One person is available - from $1450


Dear Mr Van,

Thank you for taking care of us all to the finest detail. You are certainly in right job and we are grateful to you and your professionalism.

Thank you to you and your team for all your hard work organising + looking after us ... and thank you for sharing your beautiful country. 04 - 15 November 2019

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