Saigon Bike Shop

Saigon Bike shop is belonged to Vietnam Backroads. One of the bike shop prodives a veriaty of MTB and touring parts, bike maintaining, bicycle repairing services and bicycle carton box packing. This is what we provide to cyclists;

Here are what we provide:
- Cycling jerseys, cycling pants
- Bike raincoasts and gloves
- Helmets, sunglasses
- Saddles and Grips
- Tool Kits, Multi-tools
- Tires and Tubes
- Lights and bells
- Mini pumps and floor pumps
- Pedals and Shoes
- Front/rear derailleurs
- Chains and cassettes
- Cycling bags and Parniers
- Handlebar sets and headsets
- Brakes and 
- Bottles and cages
- Shimano groupsets
- Sram groupsets
- Frames and forks
- Carton box to pack bicycle

Please, check out this site: Saigon Bike Shop if  you need further information and more bike parts and accessories you need for your bikes.