Cycling from/ back to HCM

MeKong Delta Exploration 9D/8N - My Tho - Ca Mau - Nam Cang - Dat Mui

Day 01: HCM – Can Duoc - Go Cong – My Tho 
Day 02: My Tho - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh – Soc Trang 
Day 03: Soc Trang – Vinh Chau - Bac Lieu
Day 04: Bac Lieu – Ganh Hao - Ca Mau
Day 05: Ca Mau – Nam Can – Dat Mui Cape – home-stay
Day 06: Dat Mui – Nam Cang – Ca Mau
Day 07: Ca Mau – U Minh - Rach Gia
Day 08: Rach Gia – Giong Rieng – Thoi Lai – Can Tho 
Day 09: Can Tho – Vinh Long – Cai Be - HCM

Cycling 2D/1N to Cai Be home-stay

CaiBe is the famous place that many tourists coming by bus but our tours are by bike. It located in rural area of Cai Be province, Ba Duc, Ba Linh and other home-stay are really interesting place for those who like discovering or understanding the customs and culture of the locals.
Day 01: Saigon - Ben Tre - Cho Lach - An Binh
Day 02: Anh Binh - Cai Be - My Tho

Cycling 2D/1N - HCM - Can Duoc - Cho Gao - Ben Tre home-stay

Ben Tre is known as the fruit basket of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. This  area is an ideal place for homestay travel. There are numerous real local home-stay with lush tropical gardens, orchards. This is a chance that you can touch the real life and smell its countryside.
Day 01: Saigon - Long An - Ben Tre
Day 02: Ben Tre - My Tho

Cycling 2D/1N Cai Be - Vinh Long - Can Tho

Day 01: Saigon - Cai Be - Vinh Long - Can Tho
Day 02: Can Tho - Saigon 
This bike tour allows you to travel to two famous places of Mekong Delta. Can Tho is famous for its floating markets and land makerts when Cai Be is the place we can experience local life.

Cycling Mekong 3D/2N the back roads of Ben Tre - Tra Vinh - Can Tho

Day 01: Saigon - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh
Day 02: Tra Ving - Tieu Can - Cau Ke - Can Tho
Day 03: Can Tho - Vinh Long - Saigon
We are first tailor-made this trip and explored all bike routes in the areas. With three days of cycling but each day you can enjoy your ride on different routes and scennery.  An easy ride throught water palm, coconut plantation and lively villages on the first day. On the second day, we bike cross ride paddy fields and Khmer villages and fruit orchards before many ferry crossings to Can Tho. The last day is to see floating market with hafl-day cycling before going back to HCM

Cycling 4D/3N HCM - Tra Vinh - Soc Trang - Can Tho

Day 1: Saigon - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh
Day 2: Tra Vinh - Soc Trang
Day 3: Soc Trang - Phung Hiep - Can Tho
Day 4: Can Tho - Saigon
We created this trip as to take you deeply into Mekong Delta Vietnam where you are first-handand witness locals whom first time meet a white people in village.

Meandering the Mekong Delta by bike 7D/6N

Vietnam's Mekong Delta owned manmy provinces that new to tourists as they are untouched countryside. This 7 days cycling tour will help you understanding archaeological site- Funan Empire’s landholdings, first Catholic monastery in Indochina and exploring stunningly beautiful temples, Tra Su scientific forest,  nature reserve and lowlands of Dong Thap province. Ride on local trails through farmlands and charming little villages, past Khmer temples, markets and schools in rural hamlets, Sadec’s flower farms before you see floating market in action.

Cycling 3D/2N Xeo Quyt - Cao Lanh - Sadec - Can Tho

Day 01: Saigon - CaiBe - Xeo Quyt - Cao Lanh
Day 02: Cao Lanh - Xeo Quyt - Can Tho
Day 03: Can Tho - Vinh Long - Saigon
Vietnam Backroads is first company tailor-made bike tours to the low land of Mekong Delta vietnam. The yearly flooded season happend from August to Oct so you can see water occupying rice paddy fields and fruit orchards. Locals are usually doing fishing and business at their home this time of every year. Do remember! we bike on country roads which can not be flooded!

Countryside Discovery Bike Tour 5D/4N

Day 1: Saigon- Ben Tre - Tra Vinh
Day 2: Tra Vinh - Can Tho
Day 3: Can Tho - Long Xuyen
Day 4: Long Xuyen - Chau Doc
Day 5: Chau Doc - Saigon

Best Mekong Delta Bike Tour 5D/4N

With more than 40,000 square kilometers of fertile soil and plenty of fresh water, the Mekong Delta is a grand ecology. The rivers and their myriad tributaries are not only the basis of daily subsistence, but also a vital means of transportation – essentially acting as country roads. Viewing the river delta and its biological diversity whilst cycling along riverside on back roads is a beautiful and unique way to explore and experience the heart and soul of this region. Very night stay at major cities; Tra Vinh, Can Tho, Chau Doc, Cao Lanh and everyday riding on single track, through hamlets and charming villages on country back road to experience real life of locals.

Cycling Mekong Delta home-stay 4D/3N

Day 01: Saigon - My Tho - Cai Be
Day 02: Cai Be - Cho Lach - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh
Day 03: Tra Vinh - Tieu Can - Tra On - Can Tho
Day 04: Can Tho - Phong Dien - Binh Thuy - HCM
Cai Be is a small Dist but its owned numerous home-stays with different locations. We will spend the first night in a real home-stay on An Binh Island.  The second day you’ll get to experience the iconic coconut plantations and beautiful villages of Ben Tre province. Orchards, bonsai nurseries, Theravada temples – the action just keeps on coming as this stunning and exciting part of Vietnam unfolds to deliver up some of its charm.  We’ll drop in to some Khmer villages on our way to Can Tho City, and also get to witness the colorful floating market of Cai Rang on our way back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Cycling 4D/3N Saigon - Tra Vinh - Can Tho - Cao Lanh

Day 01: Saigon - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh
Day 02: Tra Vinh - Tieu Can - Tra On - Can Tho
Day 03: Can Tho - Sadec - Cao Lanh
Day 04: Cao Lanh - Xeo Quyt - Saigon
We’ll start pedaling along the beautiful country back roads in the homeland of coconuts, Ben Tre province.  Making our way south to Tra Vinh involves several river crossings and this is where you’ll start to see a change in the architecture, the food and the crops.  Colorful Khmer temples and beautiful landscapes alternately compete for your attention.  You can experience the local goings on at a market or from a quiet distance and start to understand the history and culture of this strongly Buddhist area, with help from our wonderful and well informed guides. We’ll drop in to a few small rural Khmer markets along the way to Can Tho and the magical Flower Village of Sa Dec and former Viet Cong base in Xeo Quyt forest before returning to Ho Chi Minh City.

Cycling to CAIBE to VINH LONG to CAN THO 3days/2 nights

Day 01: Saigon - Long An - Cai Be
Day 02: Cai Be - Vinh Long - Can Tho
Day 03: Can Tho - Saigon

A half day bike ride to My Tho

With a half day trip cycling to My Tho, Mekong Delta, we designed  nice route to bring you to countryside villages to discover locals on back road, give you great time to smell local life.

Day trip biking to Cai Be and it's countryside

Cai Be is small town located by Mekong River but its countryside worth a visit by bike. Beautiful paths across fruit orchards, ferries connecting island to island and lively country villages are all making your day trip more interesting.

Mekong Delta Wetland Discovery 2 days/1 night

Day 01: Saigon - Xeo Quyt - Cao Lanh
Day 02: Cao Lanh - Sadec - Saigon
Xeo Quyt forest is a large natural area in Southeast of Cao Lanh and it is also the head quarter of Vietnam in vietnam War. Sa Dec is nice, small town and well-know with the French writer Marguerite Duras lived in Sa Dec between 1928 and 1932. Flower village is a beautiful and worthy to admire

Mekong Delta amazing back roads 10 days/ 9 nights

Day 01: HCM - Go Cong - Tien Giang 
Day 02: Tien Giang - Ben Tre - Tra Vinh 
Day 03: Tra Vinh – Dai Ngai - Soc Trang 
Day 04: Soc Trang – Vinh Chau - Bac Lieu
Day 05: Bac Lieu – Ganh Hao - Ca Mau
Day 06: Ca Mau – Rach Gia
Day 07: Rach Gia – Tri Ton – Long Xuyen 
Day 08: Long Xuyen – Cao Lanh
Day 09: Cao Lanh – Sadec – Can Tho
Day 10: Can Tho – Vinh Long – Cai Be - HCM