Classic Bike Tours

Vietnam has listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, emphasizing its rich culture and biodiversity. These landscapes attract millions of local and foreign tourists annually. Every part of the country has its own characteristics and natural particular scenery. Especially , the blend of traditional, colonial architecture and modern architectures from hundred of years ago. With many World Heritage Sites such as; Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha Caves, Hue Purlpe city and Hoi An ancient town and so many beautifull historical sites, relics that tourists can explore by bicycle. Vietnam' countryside back roads have been well-developed that lead you the way to benifit from local culture in different religions.

Classic bike tours is the way we organize cycling holidays with special designed and tailor-made by our team. Our tour operators have been scouting, exploring country back road and choose the best routes; you will ride on country road to explore beautiful countryside and real life of locals. We believe that our classic bike tours with daily cycling distance is about 15 - 30km allows you to ride on scenic routes through peaceful villages, natural sites, ancient towns, stunning beaches, and stopping at cultural and history sites and meeting extremely friendly people at their home.