Before You Go!

We’ll begin with a brief introduction, show you how our bikes function and inform you how to safely ride a bike in different terrain cycle routes; concrete paths, single track and mixed terrain hilly country back roads. We are also tell you some tips that could make your riding more comfortable.

Here are some tips to help your travel more easier!

Something you should prepare for your travels more easier, more fun, safe and interesting. 
Luggage: Lightweight suitcases - will go into A/C van or compartment of minibus.

Small bags: day bags to contain personal things that you can use .....

- journey camera and Go Pro, sunscreen, 


- Double-insulated Plug-in, 220V

All of your luggage will be carried by a support vehicle.

Cycling gear and clothes:

Bring your own cycling shoes or sneakers, shorts, pedals, cycling meters, camelback, cycling shirt and shorts.  Also, many people prefer to bring their own seats (saddles) seat posts,  pedals, and helmet, especially for long trips.  If this is the case with you, be sure to bring these items.  We advise you to bring your own water bottle for a long trip.

Handlebar Camera Mounts & Water Bottles:
We suggest that you bring your own camera handlebar mounts and water bottles with you for long trips
Things we provide on tours:
handlebar bags, 
Ice boxes, facial wet towels, fruit, snacks, mineral water, soft drinks bikes, spare parts and spare bike, helmets, bottles of water, first aid kits, tool kits, pumps.

For long bike trip: We encourage you to bring your own helmets, gloves with you on trip.
Note: We should not encourage you to use pedal clip on cycling trip to Mekong Delta. Its because most of routes in the Mekong Delta are footpaths, dirty track through villages, countryside.