The basic accommodation provided are 2 different hotel catogories.
1. 2 - 3 star hotel catogories
 2. 3 - 4 star hotel catogories. 
3. 4 - 5 star hotel categories

5 star hotels or luxury resorts would be a good choice if ........
Many destinations as down towns/ provinces where  you stay a night there has no 5 star hotels because they are not tourist destinations. We understand that you love to stay at luxury accommodations and willing to pay for this services but you have no choice!

Travelers who love to stay in 2 - 3 hotels and the tour cost based on 2 - 3 standard hotels. See the prices on
itineraries of each trip
If you prefer to stay in 3 - 4 hotels to 2 - 3 hotel categories, then the tour prices are based on 3 - 4 standard hotels.
The prices are shown on itineraries
If you required to stay in luxury hotels and good locations ! Pls, contact us and let us know your plan
All participants can do a same trip but staying different hotels. It depending on your booking with hotel categories